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who we are

HR Executives with experience in running operations and HR functions. We partner with CEOs to guide them through the development and implementation of people strategies and practical HR structures and frameworks.

The goal of our engagement is to create a strong and compliant HR foundation on which to build a strong achievement culture.

We provide onsite or remote CHROs to focus people strategies on driving growth.

We train, mentor, and coach newly appointed HR Executives.

Our CHROs have held the top HR position in operating units as small as 90 employees and as large as 125,000 employees.

CHRO to go team members bring over 20 years of experience in managing operations and HR functions to your executive table. We provide practical solutions for your business. We don't give you what you don't need.  That’s how it should be!

why does your organization need a chro?

Your CFO is responsible for driving financial outcomes. Your CHRO drives the people strategies that help to deliver those financial outcomes.

Our commitment is to provide you with a CHRO function tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. We can help whether your organization is a start-up; a company that is outgrowing their current HR structure; or you just need a capable pair of hands to set a compliant HR foundation for the future

CHRO to go – there when you need us, gone when you don’t.


  • Health of the Business
  • Human Performance
  • People Metrics
  • Leadership Capabilities
  • Winning/Achievement Culture


  • Health of the Business
  • Financial Performance
  • Financial Metrics
  • Business Unit Performance
  • Operational Discipline

so, what keeps you up at night?

  • Are your policies and practices compliant with State and Federal laws?
  • Do your employees know what your business strategy is and how to help you achieve it?
  • Do you have HR systems and processes to support your people strategies?
  • Are you hitting your numbers?
  • Do you have a strong winning culture?
  • Are you structured for growth?
  • Do you have the talent to execute your strategy?
  • Are you planning an Acquisition?  Do you have the expertise in-house to manage the due diligence and integration?
  • Do you know what people metrics drive business results?
  • Do you have a solid internal communications function?

about our logo

Throughout history, the crow has been associated
with symbolic meanings. chro to go, outsource human resources, hr executives, remote human resources, chief human resources officer, outsource hr executives, human reso

  • Destiny, personal transformation, alchemy
  • Intelligence
  • Higher perspective
  • Being fearless, audacious
  • Flexibility, adaptability
  • The crow also carries the power of insight and symbolizes the core of creation.

Much like the crow, at CHRO To Go, we are committed to providing you with intelligent solutions from a higher perspective.  We aren't afraid to be bold when it comes to stepping out of traditional onerous HR processes.  We are adaptable, flexible and can create what you need for a strong compliant foundation on which to grow your business.